__a vale of desolation


__undecided photographs




___building human sculptures


__(sunset at seaside)


___seeing a rainbow

__(selected images)


 'a vale of desolation, thunderplate' 1, 0,2mm copper, wood 60x100cm, 2016

 'Seeing a rainbow' (Tatami III), 2016, mixed materials

thunderplate 2-3

black silkscreenprint on brass (0,3mm)
(2)  30x100cm (oxidated)

undecided photograph 09, 2015

hand-crancked plexi, 30x50x3cm

(kelvin), 2015

installation view 'The Nature of Rendition' Residency De Warande

'road hvs', 30x40, 2013

'window ws' (part of series 'Seeing a rainbow')